Intellectus Education’s research-based approach is reinforced through its close collaboration with international consultants and academics who have cross-cultural and international expertise; amongst which are renowned researchers and educators. Intellectus Education maintains and continuously grows its access to expertise to diversify shared experiences. Appreciating the uniqueness of education requirements, Intellectus Education continuously seeks the best of education talent in addressing specific project requirements.

Education Policy, Quality Assurance, Capacity and Performance

Intellectus Education appreciates the importance of policy and quality assurance in education reform. Both which reflect on school capacity and performance of educational institutes. Our comprehensive solutions include revising, reforming or creating educational policies and quality assurance models that reflect effective change management and involve sustainable capacity development.

Intellectus Education works with education providers to improve education policy, performance, quality assurance and capacity. This involves the delivery of comprehensive education models and interventions which improve educational learning environments and impact.

Nancy I Updegraff, Ph.D.

Nancy I Updegraff Ph.D. has a career in education that spans over 30 years. Beginning a teaching career in the city of Detroit, Nancy taught both high school and elementary grades. After winning a Ford Foundation Grant, Dr Updegraff completed degrees in reading, special education, urban education and teacher training at the University of Chicago. After completing her doctorate, she worked in administration and curriculum in Chicago and Oak Lawn, Illinois. She completed additional graduate work in teaching English as a second language and special education. While working for a major publishing company, Nancy authored over 30 children’s books; co-authored three books on teaching reading and writing and was an author editor on elementary reading programs for Harcourt Publishers. Dr Updegraff did correlations for major school districts for Common Core. Leading curriculum development workshops and writing curriculum, helped Nancy design lessons and develop lesson plans with teachers in 12 school districts in the past three years. Most recently, Nancy has developed new workshops on critical thinking, college and career reading standards, principal leadership and mentoring, assessment, oral language development, teaching English as a second language and reading and writing in the content areas. She is also an adjunct professor and teaches online classes in special education and language arts. Nancy has been a frequent keynote speaker at major educational conferences, nationally and internationally.

Working as a coach and mentor with teachers and principals in cities like New York, Boston, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Flint, Racine, Des Moines, San Diego, New Orleans, Birmingham, Gallup, New Mexico, Phoenix, Arizona, Sarasota, and Chicago to name just a few has helped Dr Updegraff develop new techniques for working with students and teachers in urban and rural settings. In addition to workshops, mentoring and coaching, Dr Updegraff has worked as a grant writer and curriculum specialist. While working for a major publisher she wrote and helped implement grants totaling over $100,000,000. Internationally, she has worked with schools in South and Central America as well as China. In the Middle East, she has presented at major conferences; worked with schools and met with the Ministries of Education in six countries in the Arab World. Dr Updegraff counts as her proudest moment being named a finalist for Illinois Teacher of the Year.