Our Partners

The Wisconsin Center for Education Products & Services is working to impact education around the world. WCEPS was founded November 23rd, 2010 by friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The first full time employee came on board June of 2011.
WCEPS meets a growing demand for bringing education research and development to the general public through our partnership with the University of Wisconsin–Madison, a world-class research institution. UW–Madison has a long history in the field of education, from research to creating innovative educational tools. Whether it’s testing instruments, curricular materials or educational software, WCEPS delivers these copyrightable products to educators and students around the world to help improve education.
With a mission to extend the impact of UW’s educational innovations to additional students and teachers and endow further research and development, the WCEPS is guided by principles to deliver products and services that help educators and learners, delight all clients, focus on the largest opportunities, respect all ideas and respond thoughtfully to all potential collaborators, match rigorous research with rigorous market analysis and be honest and open about strengths and weaknesses.

The only organization that works directly with Dr. Norman Webb, who developed the DOK language system. WebbAlign uses the Webb DOK framework to support educators, districts, assessment developers, states and others to evaluate and improve assessments using DOK and ultimately inform alignment of all parts of the education system.

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) is a tool that allows educators to communicate effectively, consistently, and efficiently about the content complexity of learning expectations, instructional materials, and assessment items.

Contrasting with traditional methods of evaluating the content of student assessments, the DOK framework is designed to measure content complexity, not difficulty. This process is the most effective way to evaluate content to align with learning expectations and assessments as standards continue to evolve and set new expectancies.

WebbAlign is a proud WCEPS program. WCEPS works to extend the reach of educational innovations that originated at UW Madison to positively impact learners of all ages.

KDSL Global is an education consulting company launched by Kevin Simpson in 2016 in the USA and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Simpson and his team have served thousands of schools, organisations, educators, and leaders worldwide in over 20 countries. The majority of this work in education has been focused on American curriculum schools.

Since 2008, KDSL has been focused on education in the MENA region, assisted numerous schools with accreditation, training, development, and served as a thought partner to investors on school start-up projects.

Imperial English UK is an established British brand for English language learning & teaching. We have created over 150+ English language products and are pioneers in English language learning & teaching with our world class applications. We are based in the prestigious BMI, at the heart of the second largest city in England, with one of the BMI’s earliest presidents being the world-famous novelist Charles Dickens. Our English Language Learning courses are approved by a UK government awarding body regulated by Ofqual. The courses are designed & developed by renowned language experts and have been mapped against British and international standards including, Common European Framework and IELTS. Our interactive apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst academic institutes around the world as the preferred choice to test their learners’ English proficiency levels and teach English skills courses.

BeeLabs, gained the recognition of her Majesty Queen Rania AlAbdulla for its highly acclaimed game ShibShib War. Aspiring to bridge the digital gap between foreign and local technology, BeeLabs develops innovative multilingual casual games and interactive educational applications. BeeLabs supports innovative game ideas, and helps brands create and develop games. The ability of BeeLabs to administer, design and develop culturally relevant content received a regional recognition and attracted corporations and facilitated entry and competition on a global scale.

Natural Born Leaders (NBL) is a provider of training programs, tools and solutions for teachers and parents. It’s a group of experienced teacher trainers, consultants, assessors, and play and learning space designers.

NBL specialises in Positive Pedagogy, Active Experiential Learning, Child-Led Play, Self-Directed Learning, Multi-Sensory Learning, Cross-Curricular Education, Multicultural Learning, Entrepreneurial Education, and Multilingualism.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in schools and preschool settings, NBL has delivered high quality teacher training sessions, recruited passionate teachers and childcare practitioners, organized empowering workshops, and hosted support groups for parents to plan personalised learning journeys for their children.