Intellectus Education’s mission is to empower educators and learners for change utilizing collaborative efforts delivered through three main departments; Curriculum Development and Education Reform Division (CDERD), Professional Development and Training Division (PDTD) and the Educational Technology and Instructional Design Division (ETIDD). This unique integration and collaboration between departments allows for the development of comprehensive education solutions.

Curriculum Development & Education Reform Division (CDERD)

The CDERD aims to enhance learner outcomes, experience and performance. It is responsible for the development of new or customized and adapted educational content to meet the educational needs of end users.

Educational Technology & Instructional Design division (ETIDD)

We are leaders in facilitating educational technological transformation through well constructed research-based instructional design and digitization processes.

Intellectus Education believes that early intervention to govern what is provided to the growing community of digital learners is duly considered, and takes an active response by taking the initiative to proactively support and develop standardized and benchmarked digital learning pathways that address the requirements of local and international benchmarks.

Intellectus Education collaborates with regional and international experts to deliver high-quality interactive educational curriculum content and programs that support educational platforms.

Besides the development of formal interactive learning pathways, the ETIDD also instructionally designs existing resources to facilitate digital transformation.

In addition to areas of expertise pertaining to interactive curricula and content development, Intellectus Education also shares expertise and professional capacity development in the areas of:

  • Instructional design and storyboarding

  • Digital content and curriculum development
  • Benchmarking and alignment of resources
  • Education platform design and indexing

Professional Development & Training Division (PDTD)

The Professional Development and Training Division works closely with Ministries of Education and education entities on the development and implementation of professional development schemes that empower teachers and education practitioners. The professional development schemes are delivered in various formats depending on the target population, objective and area.

All professional development schemes are formulated around an academically solid ‘action research’ based approach for effective and efficient change management of concept, pedagogy, best practices and approach to learning experiences.